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If you Email us

No organisation other than the Komfi Group is authorised to access any mailbox we use, nor do we share information we receive via email with any third party.

Any Email sent to us (including any attachments) will be monitored for security reasons; email messages that exceed our accepted security risk level will be blocked and hence will not be responded to. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure emails you send to us are virus free, sent from reputable email providers and within the bounds of the law.


In order for us to first legally collect and use your data we require your consent, the method for providing your consent is by ticking the consent check in the form. Equally important to providing consent is your right to withdraw that consent;

Withdrawing consent

Should the time come where you no longer wish for us to have or use your personal data you may withdraw your consent at any time. To withdraw your consent please complete the form providing instructions of your wishes.

After a withdrawal of consent request is received we may contact you to verify the request.

We provide Industry focused service for public and private clients

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