Data Management

Data management services are aimed at capturing, storing, using, and governing the use of data and its metadata, which are created and collected by a business securely and efficiently. KOMFI helps businesses establish a well-tuned data management process to get reliable reporting based on high-quality data and metadata governance.

Data Governance

We design data governance strategies and create policies describing the data personas, rights and responsibilities as well as data-related standards and metrics. Such strategies aim to provide a transparent enterprise-wide approach to capturing, storing, processing and accessing data.

Master Data, Metadata, and Reference Data Management

We create a clear strategy for enterprise-wide master and metadata management. We assess all external and internal data sources as well as relevant existing technologies to come up with standards and metrics to track your master and metadata quality.


Data Exploitation

The reports built on disintegrated data cannot show a full and consistent picture. We know how to unite flows from disparate data sources. Keeping in mind your data types, we can come up with a relevant BI or big data architecture, as well as a data warehouse or a data lake design (or both, if needed). This will make your reporting more comprehensive.

Data Architecture

With our over 15 years of experience in the Data Architecture domain, we can audit your as-is architecture to check whether it complies well with data management procedures. 

You can turn to us, if you have any data management issue that bothers you. Whether you need to assess, audit, develop a strategy or get recommendations on how to set up proper data management processes – contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

We would help resolve

  • Absense of a single customer/business/vendor view
  • Absense of a single source of truth
  • Lack of efficiency
  • Data mess or data swarmp accompanying a merger or an acquisition

We provide Industry focused service for public and private clients

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