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We provide in-house services to handle all regular aspects of building a website, from initial design and logo development to content management applications for sites of all sizes ranging from single pages, blogs and small business sites to full scale corporate websites.web design

Whether you are a small business or a large corporate KOMFI can help you to achieve an online presence that delivers the very best for you and your clients. If your goal is to provide information, products, e-commerce or web applications such as social websites or search based sites we can ensure that the visitors enjoy an informative, user-friendly and interactive experience.

Peace of mind

For your peace of mind all web sites under-construction are made available to view online via a secure login portal during our production process allowing clients to view progress and to give us feedback reports.

Added Interactivity

Web based programming is used in a number of areas to enhance the online experience. From the collection of e-mail addresses and user data to password protection and referral systems, virtually any site offering more than basic information relies on server or client programming. KOMFI Solutions offer the very best in web based programming techniques to ensure your site functions correctly and efficiently.

The Full Service

We offer a comprehensive service from the basics like domain registration and hosting to programming and deployment and unlike many of our competitors everything is handled in-house.

Looking for something more advanced ?

We can create virtually any kind of site including content management systems, social sites, property searches, password protected content, and e-commerce shopping systems as well as private intranet / extranet content.

For more information on our advanced services, click here.

Pricing Plans

Our Cloud hosting packages offered

Mini Package

From £5.00

Database Account: 1
Disk Space: 10,240GB
Traffic Bandwidth: 1GB
FTP Users: 2
Mailboxes: 3
Mailing List: 20
Website Builder: 1

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Midi Package

From £7.00

Database Account: 2
Disk Space: 30,720GB
Traffic Bandwidth: 100GB
FTP Users: 5
Mailboxes: 20
Mailing List: 20
Website Builder: 1

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Maxi Package

From £10.00

Database Account: 5
Disk Space: 102,400GB
Traffic Bandwidth: 250GB
FTP Users: 10
Mailboxes: 100
Mailing List: Unlimited
Web Apps: Unlimited
Website Builder: Unlimited

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Custom Hosting

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We provide Industry focused service for public and private clients

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